Frequently-Asked Questions

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Is Vectorex a USA company?
Yes. Vectorex is a California corporation, with headquarters about 20 minutes from Sacramento, the capital of California.
When did Vectorex begin operations?
Vectorex started in 1988 under the name Cadversion Systems, Inc. In 1989 the name Vectorex was chosen to better tie in with the services offered. And it made for a shorter website address!
What types of industries does Vectorex serve?
We provide quality drawing conversion services to all industries, and have successfully completed projects for a diverse list of companies in many industries, such as:

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering & Surveying Utilities
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Public Works
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Transportation Systems
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Facilities Management
  • Legal Services
  • Defense
  • Technical Documentation
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Aerospace

Has Vectorex ever completed large drawing conversion projects?
Yes. Vectorex has successfully completed individual drawing conversion projects costing more than $500,000 and over $300,000. Numerous other large contracts over $100,000 each and over $50,000 each have also been awarded to Vectorex by governmental and corporate customers. Vectorex has both the experience and resources to handle very large conversion projects.
Who are some of Vectorex's customers?
Among Vectorex customers are federal and state government agencies, defense contractors, large and medium-sized manufacturers, architectural firms, agencies of local municipalities, civil engineering and surveying firms, construction companies, utilities, facilities management companies, telecommunications companies, university campuses, fiber-optic cable systems, and many more.
What makes Vectorex better than other companies?
  • We specialize only in CAD services. As specialists since 1988 we have extensive experience with very large and small jobs of every kind. We don’t dilute our focus with reprographics, plotting, microfilming, etc.
  • Our quality control and project management are first-rate, and we have an attention to detail that is unmatched in the industry. We take our committments very seriously.
  • We provide top-flight customer service and a convenient web-based order placement and tracking system so you can always know the status of every project.
  • We guarantee all services 100 percent for accuracy and quality.
  • We keep copies of your files forever and will gladly provide a replacement at no charge for life. If you don’t want us to retain backups, we are happy to securely destroy them.
  • Our prices are very competitive. Our flat management structure, low overhead, and high productivity allow us to offer our services for much less than other companies.

How large is Vectorex's production team?
Vectorex has a team of more than 50 production 2D and 3D CAD specialists with extensive experience in many disciplines. We also have a large group of “on-call” CAD drafters that can be added to work on projects if the volume requires it.


Does Vectorex offer other services, such as plotting, raster scanning, design, etc.?
No, we only specialize in 2D CAD and 3D services. We have chosen to not dilute our services with other activities so we can concentrate on the very best quality and service, with low prices.
Does Vectorex offer free sample conversions?
In order to keep our prices low we are not able to provide free conversions of customer drawings. We do show samples of actual drawings, before and after, to allow customers to see the quality we provide. And, since we guarantee all our work there is never any risk when using our services. You can also begin with a small project and evaluate the result. As our many clients can attest to, you will be completely satisfied.
How can I see examples of the services?
Simply go to the project examples page.
Can Vectorex follow my in-house CAD specs?
Yes, absolutely! Every organization has its own standards for layers, text, linetypes, etc. We don’t charge any extra to incorporate all your CAD settings. This way the files we create will seamlessly fit in with those you create in-house. We function as an on-demand extension of your own in-house CAD team.


Does Vectorex offer discounts on larger quantities?
Yes. Please see the discounts section on the pricing page.
Does Vectorex participate in bids, RFPs, RFQs, etc.?
Yes. We have extensive experience in bidding on projects, and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our technical expertise as well as our competitive pricing by responding to a bid opportunity.
Is there a setup charge?
Yes. We add a single $30 setup charge to orders regardless of how large. This is so that customers with multiple drawings don’t pay higher prices to cover order-related expenses. Even if you have a large quantity there will only be one low setup charge, thereby lowering the overall cost of the job. Other companies simply raise the unit prices for the drawings. We separate the processing costs from the administrative costs for a better pricing system.
Is there a cost for shipping, media, or special services?
Almost all our clients receive their files electronically, such as by email or FTP download. Of course, there is no charge for that.

If a client wants the completed files delivered on a CD we are happy to provide that at no charge. If expedited delivery is needed then there will be an extra charge for that cost.

If a customer needs their drawing prints returned then there is a $20 charge for the handling, packaging and extra shipping cost. To avoid this cost we recommend that clients send either PDF or raster files, or good-quality photocopies of the drawings that we can discard after the job is done.


How fast are drawing conversion jobs completed?
We have created a simple chart that shows standard turnaround times for jobs of various sizes. Of course, there are several factors that affect the turnaround time for a conversion project. The quantity and complexity of the drawings are major factors, but the number of projects we are working on also impacts how fast a job can be completed. We maintain a large production team so that we can give fast attention to every project and deliver it to the customer quickly – and with the highest quality.
Can rush requests be honored?
At Vectorex, all jobs are rush jobs, and every customer receives the same fast service. We do not have a separate price for rush service.

Occasionally a customer will make a request for a quantity of drawings to be completed in only a day or two. Our production operation does not allow us to disrupt one customer’s job to give priority to another job. We believe that every customer, no matter how small their job, deserves the same quick and excellent service. Our clients usually find that we deliver ahead of schedule.


What is the Vectorex guarantee?
We guarantee all our work to be 100 percent accurate and of the highest-quality. If we have made an error we will fix it at no charge. You can read our no-nonsense guarantee here.
Is there anything that is not covered by the guarantee?
No. The guarantee covers all our work.
If I find an error, how do I get it corrected?
It’s very easy. Just tell us what needs to be fixed and we will pull the file from our archive and make the change. Than we will send it to you promptly by email.


Does Vectorex offer credit terms?
Yes. Companies can apply for credit by completing an Application for Credit form.
How long does it usually take for credit approval?
Credit approval can usually be completed within a week from our receipt of your Application for Credit.
I am a first-time customer. Do I need to provide payment in advance?
Clients who have not established a credit account are asked to pay a portion of the total at the time we begin the work. This can be done with a VISA or MasterCard or PayPal. Company checks are also accepted.
Will Vectorex accept a company purchase order?
Yes. Company purchase orders are accepted from customers with a credit account.
How much is the downpayment to begin the work?
The amount of the initial payment to start the work varies between 25 and 50 percent. We will inform you of the initial payment at the time we provide our quotation for the project.

Other Questions

Do you always provide a written quote?
Yes. If the project is simple our quote will probably be contained in an email. For larger or more complex projects we prepare a formal quotation that confirms our understanding of the requirements, and presents the price and turnaround, and any other important information. We do not charge for our quotations, and clients are under no obligation to place an order for the work to be done.
Can I send files to Vectorex by secure FTP?
Yes. If you have large files or a large quantity and email would not be a good way to send the data, you can use our secure FTP site. Just tell us and we will provide you with the login details.

If you don’t see the answer to your question then please contact us and we will provide all the information you need.

Get started today and begin getting the benefits of outsourcing to Vectorex. Just tell us about your project and let us give you a free, no-obligation quote with up-front pricing.