Benefits of Outsourcing to Vectorex

There are many benefits from outsourcing your 2D and 3D CAD production work. Vectorex helps you get more of those advantages.
By outsourcing a little, or a lot, to Vectorex, you can benefit from …

Amazing Low Prices

Our low overhead and volume production let us give you the low prices you need. In addition to saving on payroll, benefits and taxes, you avoid the costly investment of adding hardware, software, workspace, and supervision when you need additional resources.

Fast Turnaround At No Extra Cost

Every job is treated like a rush job, and we don’t charge a premium for our fast service. You get your projects done in days, not weeks.

A Risk-Free Solution

All out work is guaranteed 100 percent for both quality and accuracy. You get total peace of mind.

Years of Professional Experience

We have literally worked on all types of drawings in our 25 years of operation. Let us work on yours.

Complete Data Security

Our advanced data protection systems & procedures ensure your information is always safe and secure.

Exceptional, Personal Service

You’ll never deal with an offshore call center. We are in the good ol’ USA – and are ready to help you.

More Time For Higher-Level Design And Engineering Work

When you outsource your CAD production work to Vectorex you and your associates will have more time to handle the more challenging design and engineering tasks.

Seamless Integration With Your In-House Operation

Vectorex follows all your specifications to produce CAD drawings and 3D models that fit in perfectly with your other files. Vectorex functions smoothly as an on-demand extension of your own in-house staff.

An Easy Process … By Design!

We have designed the process of using Vectorex services to be easy and productive. Placing an order is quick and convenient. There are no contracts to sign … no hoops to jump through. The whole job can be handled with email if that works for you.

Even Out That “Feast-Famine” Workload

Vectorex smoothes out the peaks and valleys of your CAD production by providing skilled and experienced CAD professionals whenever you need them – and at a much lower overall cost to you. Whether you have to quickly ramp up CAD production for a specific project, or need to regularly handle overflow workloads, let Vectorex provide flexible and cost effective solutions that will save you time, money and hassle.

Large, Experienced Production Department

When you have a large project we can put all the needed resources on it to get it done quickly, whether your project requires 5 or 50 full-time specialists.

A USA Corporation

You won’t need to deal with a foreign company. Vectorex is a California corporation, and you won’t have to worry about communication problems and misunderstandings.

Free Replacement Of Your Lost Or Damaged Files – For Life!

As an additional service we archive our clients’ files and can provide free, on-demand replacements of any file that may be lost or corrupted. Of course, if a client prefers us to not retain any archive copies, we will completely delete those files.

Projects Of Any Size Are Welcome. No Minimum Order Size

We are happy to serve you even if your order is for a single, simple CAD file. We do not have a minimum order size, which gives you maximum flexibility.

No Long-Term Commitment Required – Start And Stop Whenever You Want

You never have to commit to a long-term project in order to get our low prices and quick service. We don’t obligate you to sign up for a number of full-time CAD specialists, that you might not end up needing. You have complete flexibility, and can start a project whenever you need to.

Dedicated Project Managers

You get your very own project manager to oversee the outsourced production of your project. Your manager will send regular states updates by email, and you can talk by phone whenever you need to clarify requirements or ask questions.

Get started today and begin getting the benefits of outsourcing to Vectorex. Just tell us about your project and let us give you a free, no-obligation quote with up-front pricing.