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Save time, money and stress. Let Vectorex handle your CAD production work.

A Full Range of CAD Services


Any type and quantity of hard copy prints redrawn in CAD. Guaranteed quality & accuracy.


Construction docs, site plans, as-builts, facilities plans, and more.

Custom 2D CAD

Schematics, mapping & GIS, technical illustration, mechanical parts, and much more.

BIM Projects

BIM from 2D plans, family creation, model editing and maintenance.

3D Modeling

2D-to-3D conversion, solid modeling, point cloud processing ...

You Don't Pay Extra to Get Great Benefits

Amazing Low Prices

Our low overhead and volume production lets us give you the low prices you need ... every day!

Fast Turnaround

Every job is treated like a rush job. You get your projects done in days, not weeks. We don't charge extra for that.

100% Guarantee

All out work is guaranteed for both quality and accuracy. You get total peace of mind.

Professional Experience

We have literally worked on every possible type of drawing in our 24 years of operation. Let us work on yours.

Complete Data Security

Our advanced data protection systems & procedures ensure your information is always safe and secure.

Exceptional, Personal Service

You’ll never deal with an offshore call center. We are in the good ol’ USA – and are ready to help you.

25 Years of Serving Hundreds of Clients, Like ...

Vectorex client list

Feedback from Real Clients ...

“I don’t bother to go anywhere else for my vector needs … it’s just a no brainer." – Arno F.
“…for over eight years they have provided excellent service for each and every project.” – Robb J.
“Even with very complex drawings the quality is always excellent …” – Mario P.
“There is no question that we would recommend Vectorex to other companies and organizations." – Frank F.
“Thanks a million for all of the wonderful work you guys do for us all the time!!” – Frank T.
“Vectorex has provided a valuable and very timely service for us, with quick turnaround..." – Bill C.

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